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Náramky  Originals

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About us

Why to choose our products?

1. A Brand you can trust

Our brand Originals is new and we trying to build it with providing quality products and services.

2. Elegant design

Our products have an original design, which is suitable for all ages and most occasions. 

3. Quality

Our products are made of quality materials so you can enjoy them every day.

4. Price

Our prices are the lowest among the competition.

Our story

I loved the necklaces, earring and bracelets from my childhood and if I could I would sold out all shop.

But as I was growing up and creating my own style it was harder to find jewelry which would fullfil my expectations.

That´s reason why I decided to design my own collection of jewelry which can be easily combine with majority of my clothes and have an original design.

And because I know that every euro counts, our price is lowest among our competition. 

Currently, our assortment is small but all our team is motivated and hope for expanding our selection with increasing orders.

I hope you will like our products as much as I do ;-)

Designer and founder of brand Originals

Viktória Maľová